5 Carrom Pool Tips and Tricks | Beginners Guide

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you want some basic tips or expert-level tricks to enhance your gaming experience. I will guide you step by step on how you can unlock your skills and take your game to new heights.

With user-friendly control of this Android game, it gives you a feel of the natural world, making your gameplay smooth and exciting. So now, in this guide, we will discuss some carrom pool tips and tricks that will help you to become a pro player of the game.

What is Carrom Pool and How It Work

Carrom Pool is a fun game created by Miniclip. It is played on a square board with pockets at the corners, and to win this game, your goal is to pocket your assigned colored pieces, including the queen, before your opponent does. Now, let us take a look at some important tips and tricks that will enhance your journey in the world of Carrom Pool.

Carrom Pool Guide: Tips and Tricks

Let us take a look at some of the exciting tips and tricks to play carrom are described below:

1. Study the Board

Carrom Pool Tips and Tricks

The board is your playground. Take your time to study it thoroughly. It will make you an experienced player. Remember the positions of the pockets and also pay attention to the hurdles that might come your way during the game. If you can bounce off your pieces from the slides, you can have more control over your shots, leading to an overall improvement in your gameplay.

2. Practice Your Disc Game with Freestyle Play

Carrom pool has three modes: Disc pool, Carrom, and Freestyle. Each one has a different rule from the other. Let’s explore them:

Carrom Pool Tips and Tricks

a. Disc Pool:

Disc Pool is a variant of the traditional carrom game. In Disc Pool, you aim to pot all the assigned colored pieces (coins) into the pockets before your opponents. 

b. Carrom:

Carrom mode is quite similar to Disc Pool. Just like in Disc Pool, the goal is to pocket your assigned colored pieces, but the only difference is that it has a red color queen piece that you must pocket before your last piece to win the game in this mode. 

c. Freestyle:

Freestyle is an excellent starting point, especially for beginners. In this mode, there is no limit on the players. They can put either white or black pieces into the pockets. Their main goal is to collect 160 points before their opponents. 

For players new to this game, I highly recommend that they play freestyle mode because It gives them the flexibility to pocket any piece they can aim better. So, if you play solo or with friends, freestyle is a great way to build your skills and confidence in Carrom Pool.

3. Choose Your Shots Wisely:

Carrom Pool is more than just putting random pieces in pockets. It is about understanding which ones to put in first. Focus on your pieces and think about blocking your opponent’s pieces.

This can give you extra shots because your opponent may have trouble pocketing blocked pieces. This small strategy can increase your chance of winning and save you from making unnecessary fouls.

4. Practice Special Shots:

Playing random and simple shots is easy, but if you want to become a carrom pool champion, you must go beyond the basics. This means you don’t have to keep playing straightforward shots but also tricky shots like indirect and bounce shots.

One of these advanced moves is the combination shot, where you sink one piece while simultaneously hitting another. With practice, you will get confidence in executing these shots, which will help you accomplish your goal of becoming a carrom pool champion.

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5. Mastering the Queen’s Power

In the carrom pool, the queen piece holds a unique power. It is like a hidden get that can turn the whole game in your favor if used correctly. To use this power effectively, timing is key. Pocket the queen only when you are confident about potting another piece in your next move. Keep your focus on the queen and wait for the perfect moment to pocket the queen and the next piece one after the other. 

queen piece in carrom pool

Sometimes, keeping patience and saving the queen till the end is beneficial. By mastering the queen’s strategy, you can enhance your expertise, and you can gain control over your scores compared to your opponents. Remember, the queen is not just a piece. It is a game-changer when played right.

FAQs: Carrom Pool Hints and Tips

The queen is the special piece in the carrom pool. Putting the queen into the pockets along with your own colored piece gives you extra points. 

Combination shots are a cool move in Carrom Pool. It is like putting one coin while hitting another. 

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