Best Aim Apps For Carrom Pool (Top Recommendations)

You have to slide little pieces into pockets when you play the Carrom Pool. It is fun, but whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, predicting the direction of the striker is challenging. But no worries, I have a solution for you.

Aim Assisting Apps. These apps help you predict the striker’s direction and aim perfectly into the pockets, ultimately increasing your chances of winning the game.

After using many aiming apps for the carrom pool, I have picked the four best-aiming apps for the carrom pool. So, if you want to win consistently and amaze your opponent, keep reading to discover which apps can turn you into a Carrom champ!

Best Aim for Carrom Pool

To bring your skills to the expert level you will need aiming applications to get better aim and increase your winnings. Here, I will describe the top four best aim apps for carrom pool.

Aim Carrom Apk

Aim Carrom Apk
NameAim Carrom
Requires Android 5.0 and up

It is an aimbot for carrom pool that helps you predict the striker’s direction. It comes with alots of unique features that you can apply during gameplay that enhance your gaming experience and make your gameplay more enjoyable. All those features are decribed below:

Key Features:

  • Aim Line of aim carrom helps you to aim perfectly on the carrom pieces and put them into the pocket. It also helps you play indirect shots and bounce shots perfectly, preventing your striker from foul strikes.
  • With the help of aim carrom, you can predict the bounce shots and save yourself from sliding your opponent’s pieces into pockets.
  • The controls of the aim carrom are very simple. Users can simply turn the aim line on and off from the screen.
  • Another main aspect of noticing it is its laser line feature. It converts your boring aim line into a shiny, bold one that makes your gameplay more exciting.
  • Most features of this game are premium, but luckily, its mod version is available from where you can enjoy all premium features for free.

LuluBox Apk

lulubox apkj
NameLuluBox Apk
Size14.8 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Lulubox is a fantastic app developed by Gokoo Technology and has over 500 million users. It Is not mainly made for the carrom pool, but it allows many premium features to be used in the carrom pool. 

This app is used to unlock the premium features of the apps. It supports Carrom Pool and numerous other games such as PUBG, Cash of Clans, Candy Crush, and many more. Let’s dive into the world of Lulubox and see how it boosts your Carrom Pool’s gaming experience.

Key Features

  • The aiming line feature within Lulubox helps you aim your shots better to put those carrom pieces in the pockets like a champion.
  • The thing that matters the most in the carrom pool is its coins, and Lulubox unlocks unlimited coins and all the good stuff that makes the game even more incredible.
  • It unlocks many premium striker skins that are paid in official carrom pool.
  • The user interface of Lulubox is easy to understand. It automatically turns on aiming lines and other premium features before starting the game to ensure you are fully equipped for success.

BitAim Apk

bitaim apk
NameBitAim Apk
DeveloperApp BuilderX co.
Size29.2 MB
App BuilderX Co.Tools
Requires Android 6.0 and up

Imagine having an assistant who guides your every Carrom Pool move accurately. Well, no need to imagine because I have a bitAIM APK for you that will make it a reality. An AI-powered Aiming assistant helps you master the carrom pool like a champion. Let us discuss some of its remarkable features.

Key Features

  • One of its Amazing features is its Ai Aiming. With this feature, your gameplay becomes automated. There is no need to play by yourself to win the game. AI automatically plays on your behalf and makes sure you win every match.
  • bitAIM’s AI guidance perfectly predicts the direction of your shots, which gives you an edge over your opponents.
  • Whether you are aiming for direct shots or tricky indirect shots, it provides you with a range of strategies to choose from.
  • It is entirely free for the whole life, with no need to pay anything to use Its numerous advanced features.

Aim Cool for Carrom Pool

Aim Cool for Carrom Pool
NameAim Cool
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Aim Cool gives a new touch to your gameplay by assisting you in achieving pinpoint accuracy, making strategic shot selections, and mastering positioning. With its perfect aiming feature, you can win every match, whether you are playing a typical game or a tournament. Let’s dive into the exciting features of the Aim Cool App.

Carrom pool tips and tricks

Key Features

  • Aim Cool’s advanced algorithm makes your aiming assistant more accurate. It not only predicts but also makes a perfect pocket shot.
  • It helps you find the perfect striker positions for the shots. You will always be in the best spot, whether it is a direct hit or a tricky angle like an indirect or bounce shot.
  • By getting consistent wins, it helps you make unlimited in-game coins in the carrom pool.


Yes, you can enjoy all of their Amazon features for free.

It depends on the rules of the tournaments. Some of them may prohibit the use of external tools. However, if they are allowed, you should use them because it increases your chances of winning.

Here are the top aiming tools:

  • Aim Carrom Apk
  • Lulubox APK
  • BitAim Apk
  • Aim Cool for Carrom Pool

Yes, aim apps are very user-friendly and accessible to players of all skill levels, including beginners looking to increase their winning chances.


After complete research and personal testing, I have created this list of the four best-aiming apps for Carrom Pool. These apps have been selected on the basis of their effectiveness and user-friendly features.

Whether your aim is to impress your friends with your skills or want to win tournaments, these aiming apps are your key to consistent success. Use them while playing and feel the win in your hands.

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