Aim Carrom Mod APK Download v2.8.2

Aim Carrom Mod APK is a special tool for Carrom Pool that predicts your shots, giving you an advantage over your competitors. Download it and start winning!

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APP NameAim Carrom Mod Apk
File Size15.6MB
CategoryCarrom Tool
Latest Version2.8.2
Mod FeaturesPremium Aim Unlocked, No Ads, Unlimited Coins
Get it onGoogle Play
Update18 July 2024

Before installing the application, “allow unknown sources” from mobile settings to avoid any installation error.

In the beginning, the carrom pool is quite easy, but it keeps getting harder and harder as your level increases. In that situation, you hardly win a single game and lose many times. This is where Aim Carrom comes in and helps you win every game and become a Carrom champion.

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • No Ads.
  • Safe to use.

What Is Aim Carrom Apk?

It is a tool for the Carrom Pool used to get a perfect aim and strike the carrom pieces into the pockets. This app offers many features, including indirect shots, bounce shots, cushion shots, and the ability to control the line’s size and color.

At the time you download the app, you get a basic aim line, which is white and thin and looks very unattractive, disturbs the experience of gameplay, but the premium version of the app allows you to change its color and even convert it into a glowing, appealing and bold laser line which makes your game more interesting. Grab an opportunity to install these latest applications in Android Auto using aaadapk.

Feature in aim carrom pro apk helps you become a pro player. In fact, with this app, you will not even lose a single game if you use it correctly while playing.

Aim Carrom Apk For PC

What Is Aim Carrom Mod Apk?

In the official Aim Carrom apk, users can access limited features because the official application is paid, and only a few features are available for free. Users are required to buy the pro version if they want to use premium features and want to avoid seeing ads while using the tool but don’t worry. I have the solution for you. Enjoy your gameplay and edit your gaming videos using VN MOD APK.

In Aim Carrom Moded APK, you can use all premium features for free, including indirect shot, bounce shot, and customization of line size and color.

Moreover, the mod version gives you an ad-free experience and it is entirely safe to use. However, Some individuals might think that mod versions are unsafe and can pose risks to their devices, but there is no need to worry that modded versions are completely safe and can be fully trusted. Enjoy this gameplay with your favorite music app spotiflyer.

App Guidance

To use the Aim Carrom Modefied APK make sure you have a pre-installed carrom pool or download it later. After downloading the Mod version of Aim Carrom or any other like VN Mod Apk, the application will require specific permissions to work properly. Experience real time warrior fight in Mini Militia Old Version and entertain yourself.

Once you grant the necessary permissions, you can open the app, log in with your Gmail account, click on the start button, and it will take you to the carrom pool game equipped with all modded features. Get Codm Injector to enhance your gaming experience.

Features of Aim Carrom Apk

This application offers many exciting features to take your game to the next level. All these features are described below.

Get a Better AIM

The aim feature of this app assists you in getting the perfect aim and putting the targeted carrom pieces into the pocket. Now you can win every game because of its ideal prediction. It also perfectly predicts the bounce of your striker and indirectly hits your competitor’s carrom pieces and saves you from foul strikes. Edit your achievements videos using capcut pro apk and share with your friends.

Aim carrom Mod Apk

Complete Control Over the Shots

Aim carrom empowers you to take complete control of your shot. Imagine a game where you’re the mastermind behind every move. Victory will be yours. We also share similar games like coc mod apk for our android users.

The Carrom mod Apk is a package of all the greatest things for carom lovers with unlimited features and customization. If you want more fun while also making your way to the top, there’s Hill Climb Racing which is an addictive game of physics and driving in itself that lets you try all sorts of terrains with your skilled driver. Why not take advantage of that experience by downloading these amazing games, as you enjoy the best of both worlds!

While playing the game, you have complete control of your shots. You already know where your striker will hit and where it will bounce back.

It gives you an edge over your competitors because they don’t see the direction of their striker, but you do. This feature brings you ahead of your competitors and helps you to secure victories. Get more similar android games on Apktoly.

Change the Size of Striker

When you download the aim carrom, the aiming line is relatively thin, which makes the game challenging to play. However, this application includes a feature that helps you customize the size and color of the aiming line, allowing you to adjust it to your preferences, lengthening and boldening it according to your desires. This feature makes your gameplay more engaging. Stay connected socially through Snapchat++ APK.

Laser Line AIM

The default aim line is thin and white, which is pretty dull and does not give a vibe of cleanliness. The laser line is thick, vibrant, and shiny, keeping the user engaged and excited during the gameplay. The laser line aim feature helps users better understand the direction of the striker.

aim carrom mod apk
aim carrom mod apk

Indirect Shots

In a carrom pool, it is very difficult to aim even a simple shot because no aim is shown. But Aim Carrom helped by solving this problem for you. Now you can perfectly play indirect short because you will get the direction of your shot before your striker makes contact with the carrom piece.

aim carrom mod apk
Aim carrom mod apk
Aim carrom mod apk

Cushion Shots

Cushions are the sides of your carrom board that help create movement, improve your aim, and strike the desired pieces. This feature allows users to understand the best place to shoot the carrom striker to hit the right carrom piece that you cannot directly reach.

Bounce Shots

Because of having no aim line in the carrom pool, it is unpredictable to hit on the right piece after your striker bounces back. Because of that, you mistakenly throw the competitor’s carrom piece into the pocket.

While Aim Carrom APK addressed this issue and solved it for you by presenting this bouncing shot feature that helps prevent you from fouling. This feature marks all the pieces and their direction after the striker bounces back, giving your opponent no chance to win.

Simple Controls

The controls of Aim Carrom are pretty simple and user-friendly. It has only one slide on the screen from where users can control all Aim Carrom’s features, including aim turn on/off, changing the color of the striker, adjusting the guidelines for indirect shots and bounce shots, and all other features from that small and simple control center. If you are a gaming lover, you might also want to explore the world of soccer with the advanced features of FIFA Mobile Mod APK.

Aim carrom mod apk

Features of Aim Carrom Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

aim carrom mod apk

The modded version of Aim Carrom unlocks all the limitations, which are detailed below:

Unlocking All Premium Features

When you download the original Aim Carrom, you have to see ads before starting the game, which is quite irritating, and the features allowed in the free version are also limited. Users must pay the subscription charges to enjoy the premium features of the aim carrom app.

aim carrom mod apk

However, Aim Carrom 2.7.9 Mod Apk is free and has no limitations. No fee is required to enjoy premium features. This app is ad-free and allows users complete access to a range of functionalities, including laser line aim, indirect shot, bounce shot quality, and all other features in the aim carrom mod app, all at no cost.

No Ads

When you open the official Aim Carrom app and click on the game’s start button, an unwanted ad popup disrupts the user’s experience who wants to play a game but the mod version of Aim Carrom, allowing users to instantly open and enjoy the gameplay without any interruption of ads.

Secure and 100% Safe

There is some misconception in the minds of some people that mod versions are not safe, as we discussed earlier. However, mod versions are altered versions but they are entirely safe to use and users can have complete confidence in the security of the Aim Carrom. It is 100 percent safe to use, and users can enjoy all premium features for free without worries.

How to Use Aim Carrom Modefied Apk?

Using the aim Carrom Mod is quite simple, but to avoid any bugs during the gameplay, please follow these few instructions mentioned below:

  • Download the application
  • Allow “Unknown Sources” in your device settings and install it.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • Grant the required permissions.
  • Log in with your Gmail account.
  • Then Click the button to start the game.
  • After clicking, you will be redirected to the carrom pool.
  • In the game, you can play as a guest or log in with your account.
  • Finally, Start a Game and Aim features will assist you in making perfect pockets and winning consistently.

The Aim Carrom enables you to win every game and also allows you to collect unlimited coins.

System Requirements For Aim Carrom Mod Apk

Android Version5.1.1 or above
Required StorageAt least 20MB
Processorquad-core with minimum 1.4 GHz speed
RAM2GB or above


  • Aim guides help users aim perfectly and become a pro faster.
  • Aim carrom mod apk’s aim feature gives you an edge over your competitors as you know where your striker will hit.
  • Players can make unlimited coins because they win more games.
  • The mod version allows users to enjoy all premium features for free.
  • Users can enjoy gameplay without any annoying ads.
  • Users can customize the aim line, striker color, and more for a comfortable experience.
  • The app is user-friendly, so no experience is required to use it.


  • Some users may face some glitches but they can fix it by restarting the game.
  • Completely relying on mod features may affect your skills to improve.

How to Install Aim Carrom?

Click on the “Download” button as shown on the screen

Aim carrom mod apk

Once downloaded, click on the application file.

Aim carrom mod apk

Then, click on the “Settings” option and allow unknown sources.

Aim carrom mod apk
aim carrom mod apk
aim carrom mod apk

After allowing unknown sources, the installation button will become visible, click on it.

aim carrom mod apk

After successful installation, click “open” to start the tool.

aim carrom mod apk

What People Like About Aim Carrom Mod Apk?

The mod version provides many advanced features paid for in the original version, but Aim Carrom mod APK allows you to use them for free. The precise aiming assistance helps users aim ideally with advanced features consistently leading to winning every game.

Another reason, which is my personal favorite, is that in the original version when you start the game, you are required to see lengthy ads that I know no one would like. However, in the Mod version of Aim Carrom APK, you can enjoy gameplay without irritating ads and earn unlimited in-game coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, yes, it is completely safe to use on all devices. No issues have been reported, so you can use it with complete confidence.

Yes, it is completely free, and you can enjoy all premium features without cost.

No, it won’t function on rooted devices. In this case, you can switch to a non-rooted device or play the regular Carrom Pool without the Aim Carrom feature.

Yes, you can play it offline with your friends and family, but if you want to compete with online players, you will need the internet.

No need to worry about purchasing items. Aim Carrom Mod APK provides all premium features for free.

Aim Carrom Mod APK requests permissions to ensure proper installation and functioning on your devices. This is a standard requirement for all Android applications and is essential to prevent installation errors.

You get advanced aiming assistance, the ability to customize aiming lines and striker colors, a gaming experience, and a laser line for aiming, all without any cost. All these features make your gameplay more entertaining and ultimately help in winnings.

No, it is an entirely anti-ban application. You can use it without any concerns about your account being banned.

Yes, with time, applications are updated, and more features are added so that you can download the latest versions from our website for more new features.

Yes, you can log in using both Google IDs and Facebook IDs.

For smooth gameplay, your Android device should have at least Android version 5.0 or higher, and it’s recommended to have more recent versions if possible. Additionally, ensure you have a minimum of 25 MB of free memory space.


I personally use this app and have tested various mod versions and I have found that it is the best-aiming app for carrom pool. It has some additional features that other mod apps do not provide. This mod version is working properly.

You should definitely download the aim carrom mod apk and use it. Not only does it offer a basic aiming line, but it also gives you complete customization control. Its impressive features give you an extra edge over your competitors, and you will win every game you play. Trust me, it genuinely delivers the joy that you expect from it.

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