Aim Carrom vs BitAim: Which Aim App is Better?

Regarding carrom pool aiming apps, the two most popular options are Aim Carrom APK and BitAim APK. These apps offer a wide range of features that help you become a carrom pool champion.

However, selecting one of them is difficult. In this article, we will discuss in detail the differences between these two apps and which one might be the best option for you.

Comparison of Aim Carrom vs BitAim

FeatureAim CarromBitAim
AI HelperNoYes
Ad FreeNo (Free with Premium)No (Free with Premium)
Laser Line AimYesYes
Game LimitNoYes
User InterfaceGoodNormal
PricingFree with AdsFree with Ads

These two apps are the best options for carrom pool aiming assistance, but they have many differences that need to be clarified for users to select the best one. Even if you are an experienced player, the differences I have written above still need to be clarified in selecting the best-aiming tool for the carrom pool.

Explaining Their Differences

Now, I will describe all the differences step by step for your convenience to help you make better decisions.

AI Helper

Nowadays, AI is becoming a part of every field, and the same trend continues in games and their tools. Ai helper is a bot that makes carrom stot decisions by itself. It aims and slides your carrom pieces into the pocket with your efforts.

Aim Carrom vs BitAim

This feature is available in the premium subscription of BitAim. It is very advanced because it completely automates your gameplay. In BitAim, you can enjoy this feature, but unfortunately, you cannot access this Ai helper in Aim Carrom Apk.

Ad Free

One important expectation that users have for an application is that it should be ad-free. But because these tool applications are not big companies, they can’t completely rely on subscription monetization. That’s why you have to see ads in both apps to get their basic aiming features.

If you want to use Aim Carrom Apk and Bitaim Apk without ads and access premium features, you need to buy a subscription, or you can download their mod version, which unlocks premium features for free. From here you can download the mod version of Aim Carrom Apk.

User Interface

In terms of user interface, both apps are simple and user-friendly. In Aim Carrom Apk, you will find only one page where you click to watch ads, and then it automatically redirects you to the carrom pool game. On the other hand, in BitAim, when you click on the start button, it will redirect you to their YouTube channel after showing an ad, and then again, you have to come back and click on the start button to begin the carrom pool game.

Also, Aim Carrom offers specific controls to enable or disable its features from a single slide on the screen, while in Britain, its slider is not moveable according to the user’s convenience. Also, some of its features show glitches while playing that are annoying. According to my personal experience, Aim Carrom’s interface is better.


Both apps are free to use but come with ads. If you want to enjoy an ad-free experience and unlock additional features, you will need to subscribe to their premium plans. Their subscription pricing is described below:

  • Aim Carrom APK’s premium subscription starts at $4.49 monthly and $9.49 for three months.
  •  BitAim’s premium subscription starts from $1.80 monthly, $4.34 for three months, and $24.18 for a lifetime subscription.

These pricing plans allow users to choose a subscription plan that suits their needs and budget. 

Laser Line Aim

Aim Carrom vs BitAim

One of the most demanding features that most users prefer is the Laser Line Aiming Line, which enhances the aiming line, making it bold and glows like a laser and making your gameplay more exciting. Luckily, both apps offer this feature, which is included in the premium plan. As I have already mentioned, the pricing of their premium plan, so if you want to enjoy laser line aim, you need to purchase one of those plans that suit your budget.

Game Limit

Playing the carrom pool with aiming bots is really fun, but it becomes frustrating when these bots turn off after just one or two games. And this problem is in many aiming apps, including BitAim. It only allows you one or two gameplays. After that, it will automatically turn off. To continue playing with the aiming bot, you need to purchase their premium plan.

Luckily, Aim Carrom Apk has no limit to the number of gameplays you can enjoy. You are only required to watch one ad, and then you are redirected to Carrom Pool, where you can play as much as you want without any restrictions or limitations. If you are a player who wants a free tool with long-time play, consider playing with Aim Carrom Apk.

Aim Carrom Vs BitAim : Pros and Cons

Aim Carrom Pros

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • No limit on the number of gameplays.
  • Offers a wide range of features, including laser line aiming, indirect shot, bounce shot, cousin shot, and customizable line size and color.
  • The Aim line is more accurate than BitAim.

Aim Carrom Cons

  • Ads appear unless you subscribe to a premium plan.
  • It does not have an AI helper.

BitAim Pros

  • Includes an AI helper for automated gameplay.
  • Have the Laser Line aiming feature.
  • Subscription plans are more budget-friendly as compared to Aim Carrom.

BitAim Cons

  • Ads appear in basic mode.
  • Limited gameplays are allowed.

How to Choose the Right App for You

Choosing the best option between BitAim and Aim Carrom APK ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to automate your gameplay and want to put less effort into playing then BitAim is the best choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, then you can go for Aim Carrom Apk.


Aim Carrom Apk and BitAim Apk are aiming tools for the carrom pool designed to assist players in improving their gameplay by providing aiming lines and other features.

Both apps are free to use, but they come with ads and offer premium subscription plans for additional features.

It depends on your needs if you want more features and accuracy then you subscription may be worth it.

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